Water Pump Wells For Rural Cambodians

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  • Since 2009 Water Pump Wells for Rural Cambodians has provided 285 hand pump water wells and 36 cement pipe wells –deeper wells. Each of these wells is provided with a filter. Unfortunately we cannot supply wells to all in need- although that is our goal! In 2014,villagers came to Saron and asked if they could have their own free standing filter even if they could not have a well of their own. So, at our 2014 Fundraiser some of the proceeds underwrote 100 filters. These families go to a neighbor’s well, pump their water into 5 gallon buckets and then take this water to their own homes where they use their filter for safe water (we stress that they should still boil their drinking water). Villages served: Tanouk, Sleng Spean, Chey, Chiga Sreng, Sleng Travet, Phonom Dei, Kouk Trang, Kouk Reang’.
  • The filters: The receptacle tank and lid are food grade plastic; translucent white; and can store 13 litres of water. (3.4 gal) The ceramic filter element: weight 4.6 kg, raw water storage- 10 litres, flow rate- 2-3.5 litres/hr. Daily Capacity 30 litres (with 3 fills) There is a spigot, cleaning brush and user manual in Khmer. All recipients are given an inservice on use and care of the filters.
  • A filter costs $18.00 (unless purchased in quantities of 100+ ) then the price is $16. Saron purchases the filters in Phnom Penh and then transports and delivers them to the villages.
  • The filters usually last 3-4 years and we are in the process of replacing aging


  • In 2015 the College du Leman, Geneva, Switzerland under the high school leadership of Olivia Bisbee (the daughter of David Bisbee who in 2007 introduced us to Saron) raised $ 1070.which, when added to a part of the proceeds from our March 2015 Fundraiser underwrote 114 filters. These filters went to families in Siem Reap Province except two families in Odor Meanchey Province and in Siem Reap Town.
  • There are 13 villages that received these filters: Tram Korng’; Sleng Spean; Doun Sva; Ampil Peam; Beng Khnar; Chonloas Dai; Trom; KomBoa; PreiThlor; Kouk Reang’.
  • Profile of Recipients: 

  • Most families were between 30-50 years of age. The oldest recipient was 71, youngest 22.
  • 2 families were headed by widowers and 1 widow.
  • For those families where children were mentioned- there were 102 children, many grandchildren and also nieces and nephews who were living in these homes.
  • To donate to our Filter Program- please make out a check to Lantern Projects #184 and send to Lantern Projects, 51 Glen Alpine Rd, Piedmont, CA 94611 or go to website of Lantern Projects and click Donate.